cleaning time - 2 days

Jacket21 AZN
Jacket with leather inserts40 AZN
Leather jaket90 AZN
Jacket (goose down)30 AZN
Waistcoat with leather inserts18 AZN
Leather waistcoat50 AZN
Waistcoat (goose down)25 AZN
Waistcoat10 AZN
Fur waistcoat90 AZN
Plush poncho 25 AZN
Fur poncho25 AZN
Coat25 AZN
Down jacket30 AZN
Fur blazer100 AZN
Fur coat150 AZN
Cloak25 AZN

Classic clothes

cleaning time - 2 days

Suit20 AZN
Jacket, waistcoat and trousers27 AZN
Suit (silk)30 AZN
Women's suit20 AZN
Women's suit (silk)30 AZN
Dinner jacket30 AZN
Shirt9 AZN
Shirt (silk)12 AZN
Blazer12 AZN
Jacket (jeans)12 AZN
Blazer with leather inserts20 AZN
Blazer (leather)60 AZN
Trousers8 AZN
Trousers with leather inserts16 AZN
Trousers (leather)50 AZN
Dress (evening)50 AZN

Casual wear

cleaning time - 2 days

Blouse9 AZN
Blouse (silk)12 AZN
Dress (leather)60 AZN
Dress 18 AZN
Dress (casual)30 AZN
Dress (silk)25 AZN
Skirt8 AZN
Skirt (leather)50 AZN
Skirt (silk)12 AZN
Skirt (silk pleated)16 AZN
Skirt (pleated)12 AZN
Sportswear20 AZN
Sportswear with leather inserts30 AZN
Sportswear (part)10 AZN
Polo shirt9 AZN
Polo shirt with leather inserts16 AZN
Sweater10 AZN
Sweater with leather inserts16 AZN
Sweatshirt10 AZN
Shorts8 AZN
Shorts and swimsuit8 AZN
Bermuda shorts8 AZN
T-shirt9 AZN
Overalls25 AZN


cleaning time - 2 days

Underwear3 AZN
Bra6 AZN
Bikini10 AZN
Bodysuit9 AZN
Socks2.50 AZN
Singlet6 AZN
Pajamas7 AZN
Nightie12 AZN

Children's wear

cleaning time - 2 days

Jacket15 AZN
Coat15 AZN
Jacket (goose down)22 AZN
Blazer6 AZN
Trousers6 AZN
Skirt (pleated)6 AZN
Skirt6 AZN
Singlet3 AZN
Sweater6 AZN
Shorts6 AZN
Dress12 AZN
Shirt6 AZN
Polo shirt6 AZN
Blouse6 AZN
Bedsheet6 AZN
Pillowcase1 AZN
Bed cover22 AZN
Duvet cover6 AZN
Suit12 AZN


cleaning time - 2 days

Handkerchief2 AZN
Bag20 AZN
Bag (leather)80 AZN
Gloves7 AZN
Gloves with leather inserts18 AZN
Gloves (leather)30 AZN
Bow-tie7 AZN
Hat10 AZN
Hat with leather inserts18 AZN
Hat (leather)25 AZN
Tie7 AZN
Shawl14 AZN
Scarf7 AZN
Scarf (silk)12 AZN
Gloves (ski)12 AZN

For home

cleaning time - 2 days

Towel (big)8 AZN
Towel (small)4 AZN
Single bed sheet8 AZN
Double bed sheet10AZN
Blanket (plush)25AZN
Bath mat15AZN
Armchair cover15AZN
Embroidered tablecloth (12 persons)30AZN
Tablecloth (linen)12AZN
Tablecloth (plain)8 AZN
Curtain (silk with sun protection, m²)12AZN
Curtain (silk, m²)10AZN
Curtain (linen with sun protection, m²)10AZN
Curtain (linen, m²)8 AZN
Curtain (velvet with sun protection, m²)10AZN
Curtain (tulle, m²)6 AZN
Curtain (tulle satin, m²)7 AZN
Curtain (tulle silk, m²)8 AZN
Napkin2.5 AZN
Pillow / cushion12 AZN
Pillowcase2 AZN
Pillow (bird fluff)25 AZN
Bed cover30 AZN
Cover for a bed (protector)14 AZN
Cover for a bed (large tread)28 AZN
Blanket27 AZN
Blanket (bird fluff)35 AZN
Blanket (goose down)40 AZN
Double duvet cover12 AZN
Single duvet cover10 AZN
Woolen blanket35 AZN


cleaning time - 2 days

Leather shoes35 AZN
Sport shoes25 AZN


cleaning time - 2 days

Wedding dress70 AZN
Bathrobe14 AZN
Toy (over 30 cm)30 AZN
Toy (less than 30 cm)15 AZN
Trousers (ski)15 AZN


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